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Pillars of Our Excellence

Embodying the ethos of Web3, we intertwine trust, innovation, adaptability, and collaboration in every endeavor.
We prioritize the trust our clients place in us. From the first conversation to the final delivery and beyond, you can count on our commitment.
Harnessing the limitless potential of Web3, we're constantly evolving, ensuring our solutions aren't just current but future-ready.
In a dynamic Web3 landscape, our agility is our strength. We pivot as needed, always ensuring we're aligned with the latest trends and client aspirations.
In the decentralized world, teamwork is paramount. We collaborate closely with our clients and within our team, ensuring every voice is heard and every idea explored.
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Leadership team

U.S based with over 10 years of blockchain experience.
Luciano Headshot
CEO & Lead UI/UX Visionary

Luciano Schipelliti

Nick Headshot
Chief Technology Architect

Nick Goodman

Andrew Headshot
Principal Blockchain Developer

Andrew Goodman

Spencer Headshot
Senior Blockchain Developer

Spencer McWilliams

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We believe in great communication and life-long relationships
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