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Our clients love working with us because we treat their projects like our own.

Delivering exceptional outcomes, earning accolades from both clients and end-users.
Nicolas Headshot
Nicolas D.

I cannot express my immense gratitude for the BlockOps team. Their unparalleled expertise and dedication brought MvmtWiz from vision to reality with seamless precision. Every challenge was met innovatively, making our collaboration the key to our success.

Founder at MvmtWiz
Jeff Levin Headshot
Jeffrey Levin

Being new to the space, we didn't build the right dev team at first and it caused issues that delayed the project. It's awesome to have now found and partner with the BlockOps team. They are smart guys that are building to support the future of the project.

Manager of Logan Paul
CRI profile image
Andrew F.

BlockOps has proven invaluable to our team. They've been a great resource as we navigate the technical framework required to realize our ambitious objectives. We anticipate evolving our partnership beyond consultancy and deeply appreciate their proficiency and expertise.

Chief Strategy Officer at Carbon Reduction Initiative
Mike Johns headshot
Mike Johns

Our first set of developers were inconsistent and slow, once we made the change to BlockOps all ran smoothly at a pace to suit the industry bringing our project back on the road to success. I highly recommend BlockOps for anyone looking to make a dent in the space.

CryptoZoo Community Member

It's impressive how the BlockOps team can produce such fast-paced and quality projects! Their products are bugless and their turnaround time is among the best I have seen in the industry. I was shocked to see how they could outperform some renowned web3 firms.

CryptoZoo Community Member

I had the pleasure of experiencing the growth of BlockOps first-hand. They came, saw, and conquered in the ecosystem that I spent most of my time in. I have never seen a team as capable and efficient. BlockOps is the only web3 dev team I would recommend.

CryptoZoo Community Member